What Else is There?" The lights go out and the runway's crystal curtain is glittering while the mystic sounds of Röyksopp are resounding from the speakers and striking right in the center of my fashion heart.  

It's Fashion Week in Milan - the Milano Moda Donna.  

Creative Director Christian Beck is presenting his interpretation of EPIC HEIGHTS for AIGNER. Rough mountain worlds, nature and wilderness are reflected in the tones and materials of the upcoming fall & winter collection 2016 and are clashing with modern architecture and civilization with all their might.  

Silence, thunderous applause. What a show!  

You want more? Here you have it! I was on location for you in Milan in order to capture exactly these inspirations.  
You are probably curious to know what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show. A sort of suspense is in the air. Tension, adrenaline and pure anticipation mingled with pretty models, the creative director and the AIGNER team responsible for such a 10-minute show. I see models with piercings between their eyes and black make-up on their eyelids. The 90's grunge is back! With it, they are wearing what is probably the hottest hairstyle right now: the half bun with undone waves. But what happens next comes as a surprise. Christian Beck achieves a skillful, luxurious twist by contrasting natural colors and materials with modern elements. There is a mix of graphic patterns, natural surfaces and loosely falling silhouettes. Heels made of rock and really living up to the name "high heels". Patchwork fur and sequins with embroideries. According to Christian Beck and AIGNER, the next winter is going to be wild and modern. Accordingly, we will be wearing bags in icy shades of grey and natural nuances like angora beige, cinnamon, rosewood and taupe as well as different shades of green. This brings us to what is absolutely my favorite piece in the show, the Tonda bag in forest green. Round and remarkable thanks to the flip-up opening with its very interesting clasp. There are just some pieces which have "it-bag" written all over their leather skin.  

But let us surprise you, there will soon be more to see here about my it-bags for the upcoming season!  

Love, Kate