Putting on a fashion show not only constitutes a special highlight for every company in the fashion and lifestyle sector, but also requires extensive preparations. As a rule, AIGNER's design team headed by creative director Christian Beck already travels to Milan a few days before the show. Here, it's all about casting the models, determining the make-up with the styling team and organizing the final fitting. The latter takes place one day before the show. This time, I got the chance to be a fly on the wall and therefore caught an exciting glimpse into the preparations.  

A laid-back, but nevertheless concentrated atmosphere reigned in the showroom flooded with sunlight. While music was playing discreetly in the background, the team was busy assigning the looks for the show to the models, fitting the pieces precisely and discussing the changes with the seamstresses who had also traveled there already. At the same time, the Maybelline styling team under the direction of make-up artist Yadim was creating the styling in cooperation with Christian Beck. The creative director's three cute Italian Greyhounds scurried around the team again and again and made for a familiar atmosphere. In spite of a certain tension, this was exactly what I felt - a comforting, familiar atmosphere. I think this is the key for a successful show - and the AIGNER team has apparently found it. Because the next day, that was exactly what the show was: successful!  

In my next article, I will tell you more about the show and the last backstage preparations.

Yours truly, Kate