Dear fashionistas,
after having already told you a lot about the preparations for a fashion show in my previous articles, I will now talk more about the show itself. Sitting in the front row next to other German fashion bloggers like Jessica Weiß from Journelles, Leonie from Ohh Couture, Juliane from Style Shiver, Nina Suess, Maria alias Masha Sedgwick and Jana from Bekleidet, I (Wunschfrei) had a great view of the Spring & Summer Collection 2016.  

From the very beginning, creative director Christian Beck whisked the spectators off into a magical, emotional underwater world with a reflective water surface. The looks, all of them iridescent, flowing, fresh and summery light, also seem like they've been submerged in water. Everything moves fluidly and weightlessly. I'm in love!   In the clothes and bags that were presented, cool aqua nuances combined with rich coral colors as well as exotic shades and shimmering surfaces with many different light reflections unite with transparent parts and foils. I was especially taken with the clear cuts and the key pieces like the baggy pants and crop tops which are currently topping my wish list.  

Another one of my personal highlights from the collection are the bags in micro-format. Thus, next season, the AIGNER bags will be available in a stylish mini version allowing for a marvelous combination with a bigger bag or a stand-alone eye catcher for every outfit. Aside from bags in a stone print which perfectly imitates the ocean bed, I particularly liked the interpretation of the signature bag, the Cybill. In one variation, it was furnished with delicate metal elements imitating different sea dwellers and an extravagant foil shimmering in many different colors. These are also at the very top of my wish list.  

As you can see, I am thrilled with the new collection and can hardly wait to call the first bags my own! But AIGNER's current Fall & Winter Collection also boasts a lot of pieces I love. Like for example the limited Timea Bag with its fluffy tufts. If you're lucky, you can still manage to snatch one up in an AIGNER shop.

I combined this dream in burgundy with a summer dress, because Milan spoiled us with wonderful weather during the Milan Fashion Week and I was able to shoot many lovely looks for you. More on that very soon.

Yours truly, Kate