I’m always getting kind of emotional when flying. I don’t exactly know why. Maybe it's the fact that I'm offline for an hour or more. Not being distracted by any notifications, I can reflect about myself, my life and anything at all. I always try to sit at the window because I need to see the clouds from above. I once heard „An ocean made out of clouds carrying souls across the sky“ - no truer words were ever spoken. It is just incredibly beautiful and makes me dream. On my flight to Milan I could see the Alps from my window. This sight just amazed me and it perfectly fits to this season's invitation card for AIGNER Epic Heights F/W 17 show. I couldn’t imagine a better start to an exciting day.
At the fashion show I had the great opportunity to go backstage which gave me an exclusive look behind the scenes. Behind that curtain, there was a large amount of people: models, photographers, make-up artists, assistants, bloggers, celebrities and a lot more people were running through this room. It was a huge beautiful mess of hairspray, camera flashes, posing models and in between the new Fall/Winter collection. It was an indescribable and magical atmosphere. The new AIGNER collection is inspired by the raw mountainside. The colors refer to the natural range of colors which can be found in the mountains. Different shades of grey, beige, cinnamon, rosewood, taupe and beautiful green tones. The fabrics are characterized by different structures and the cuts are elegant, clean and inspired by the 90s. I was quite amazed by the whole atmosphere they created and the perfect choice of music kind of made me want to dance with the models. Epic Heights. Those mountains I saw from the plane were definitely epic. As well as the moment when I sat front row for the very first time in a fashion show for an internationally known brand - especially when you actually work for this brand. Knowing the products, the philosophy and the great people from the team makes you feel like you are a part of it – and you badly want the collection and the event to be a huge success!
Of course I also wore AIGNER for the show which perfectly fit my outfit. As you can see I had several pieces from the new men’s collection and it surely was a hard decision what to wear for the special night. Gladly I had some more days in Milan so I could also wear the other bags for my appointments. Milan and the exclusive look backstage showed me once more how much work a high quality fashion show is. As a blogger I was honored to be a part of it, as a fashion design student I’m scared and motivated at the same time.