It represents the heart of every AIGNER collection and an icon of our time – the Cybill Bag. Did you know that AIGNER’s Creative director Christian Beck originated and named this iconic bag in honor of AIGNER’s CEO Sibylle Schön?

The Cybill Bag is a classic bag which redefines itself each season by changing its material and surface. It is exactly for this reason that it has become a true collector’s piece among the coveted it-bags. I can tell you from experience: Once you have worn a Cybill, you always want to wear a Cybill.

Made from fine Italian leather, stable in form and sturdy, it is beautifully soft to the touch and offers enough room for all our important everyday items. This fall/winter, it comes in three special versions: Treccia, Chesterfield and Croco. I already showed you the Treccia, today, fans of interior and classic design can have their wishes fulfilled. AIGNER is producing the second Special Edition of the Cybill Bag in the popular Chesterfield design.

The padded leather sparks a seventies vintage glamor and automatically makes us want to move into this bag. At least, that was what I felt when I saw it for the first time. Whether in Mud Green or Black - it makes a strong impression in both of these colors.

I love wearing it with simple business looks, elegant dresses, but also with denim and corduroy.

Does it catch your fancy? Here you can take a look at the product range

Yours, Kate