What do I like so much about AIGNER? The familiarity, the feeling of investing in something that will not be a trend for just one season. I like the recurrent themes, the value creation and the way every bag has its origins in the AIGNER archives.

The Genoveva Bag I want to show you today is one of these models. It has been delighting us for years, has essentially always stayed the same and is nevertheless so versatile that every season, I fall in love all over again. Why? It is probably the gold handle which immediately wraps me around its finger as soon as I touch it. But in this case, maybe I also enjoy the skillful play with the contrasts: the flattering shade of brown, which perfectly conveys the warmth of the Bohemian Chic, encounters the pure elegance of the gold elements. Did you know that the Genoveva Bag was inspired by the classic saddle bag? This is also the reason why the main compartment is split on the front and the back. A true storage miracle and therefore ideal for everyday life!

I think it brilliantly suits the “Romantic Abundance” theme of the new Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. I can absolutely imagine wearing it in the coming months with a trench coat, flared trousers, thigh-high boots and hippie dresses. In any case, I will certainly enjoy its fabulous color over the next few years.

Yours, Kate