Do you always believe everything you see? No? Very good! Because today, you will not trust your eyes and not be able to resist your cravings!  For the new DADA Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, AIGNER has created two new models of one of our favorite series – Diadora. Aside from a casual ladybag which I will show you in the near future, a cool backpack has been added to the AIGNER family.   

A backpack, you ask? Aren’t they only worn by mature women? Certainly not in the new season! Besides, the Diadora backpack is not only a common backpack. Even though a backpack can also simply be very practical. No, thanks to a variable chain construction, the backpack from the house of AIGNER can not only be worn on the back, but also as a tote or shoulder bag. As individualized as you are yourself!  

Faithful to the seasonal motto ‘rethinking old habits and breaking with old mindsets in order to express individuality’. What held true in the times of Dadaism is still highly modern today and can successfully be achieved with the Diadora Backpack! With it, you can be everything and especially do everything.  

If this highlight is not at the top of your wish list, then I cannot help you. I at least am completely smitten and will probably visit the closest AIGNER store even before Christmas, in order to secure my model. If you do not have the time to visit one of the stores, you can also order this treasure right here, of course.  

Yours, Kate