Who actually believes that it takes forever to style an incredibly trendy look in the morning? It doesn’t have to if you have the right wild card in your wardrobe. The Grazia Bag from AIGNER’s current Fall/Winter Collection is just such an insider tip. Its fashionable snake print is so special that every outfit combination is immediately catapulted to another level. You don’t believe me? What first caught your eye when you saw today’s look on me? Told you so!

As soon as it has touched your heart, you will not be handing it over anytime soon! It is no coincidence that it possesses a practical, subtle, functional lock. Oh, and did you notice the horses’ heads on the sides of the small bag that hold the leather strap? A skillful break in style emphasizing the heritage idea of the label. Your second glance shifted to my shoes? They are also by AIGNER and are called “Aurora 2”. You can simply visit an AIGNER boutique near you, I also struck gold there!

Stay safe, Kate