How about a truly creative and individual Christmas present this year? For example, a personalized shoulder strap from AIGNER? The endless possibilities of this strap lend every bag and its wearer that certain something. So let us be versatile, show our love, make a statement – or simply stand by our own initials and give the best present to ourselves. 

With AIGNER’S NAME YOUR STRAP-Generator, it was never easier to gift some style:

Step 1:
Choose 1 of 10 cool colors for the basis of the strap.

Step 2:
Enter a maximum of 10 letters from A-Z or numbers from 0-9. Do you fancy a heart or an AIGNER logo? They are also possible!

Step 3:
Choose the color of the lettering and the position, check the preview and click on “Continue”.

Step 4:
Gold or silver hardware? And then... … et voilá, your personalized strap is done! It pays to be quick about it – if you order before December 6th, the shoulder straps that are handcrafted in Italy will arrive on time before Christmas. What is still missing now is one of the matching new it-bags from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

Don’t you agree? I have styled three of my favorites with my individual strap for you as a small inspiration with festive splendor.

Which version do you like best?

Yours, Kate