Today, I am showing you a very special gambit by AIGNER. 

Those who are familiar with chess know that it is a game with an almost unending number of possibilities for moves and situations. If you add the new Cybill Bag Scacchi from the DADA Spring/Summer 2019 Collection to your wardrobe, there is a myriad of possibilities. Checkmate for the rest of your bags!   

With its distinctive chessboard design, it reflects the geometric idea behind Dadaism through a mini mosaic in black and white. Which always goes well with everything, even if it seems like it should not! Furthermore, it definitely makes a statement with its elegant gold handle and ultimately convinces every fashion victim with the cool strap in the embroidered design.   

The Cybill Bag Scacchi is part of the Cybill Specials which are available in the new ‘intermediate size S/X’ for the first time this season. Aside from the Scacchi model, there is also the Cybill Bag Cavallo in the typical shade of burgundy decorated with a golden horse’s head on the handle as well as the Cybill Bag Lettera, which attracts considerable attention with its colorful letters.  

Tactics, excitement and countless styling possibilities. Right now, I am just looking forward to taking out the Cybill Bag Scacchi. However, in the weeks to come, I will of course also show you the additional versions.

Yours, Kate