Let us welcome the most athletic new member of the AIGNER family. The Pisa Bag. It is not only sporty but also extremely stylish and comes with a wide nylon strap. On the one hand, this strap provides a very comfortable wearing experience, but at the same time it emphasizes the casual look the bag definitely brings to the table. 

Plans for a city break? The Pisa Bag did not get its name by chance. As THE travel bag for all the explorers among us, it reveals its chief attraction when you take a look inside. 

Consisting of a big main pocket and two small compartments, the Pisa Bag can simply be opened and closed with a long zip fastener. On the inside, there are wedges on both sides which protect objects from falling out. Moreover, there are also small cases for credit cards hidden here, if you want to leave your heavy wallet at home for once and still be practical and safe. In the future, you will notice that every bag from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 Collection thrives on that certain something, that je-ne-sais-quoi. The bags are made for confident, sensual but nevertheless classic women with an unapproachable charm. 

And since the Pisa Bag, just like the Kira I showed you last week, only represents a little sneak peek into the new AIGNER Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, you should not hesitate and quickly snap up one of the highly sought-after newcomers. Show them the big world out there and just let yourself feel good.

Yours, Kate