The Fiorentina principle

I am often asked what constitutes a good outfit and how I would describe my style. I have the same answer to both questions – for me, it is all about the right accessories. My outfit is basically formed according to the Fiorentina principle: I like building it around a handbag.

The new Fiorentina Bag from AIGNER’s current #DADASS19 Collection sets new standards and immediately seduced me with its gold subtleties and the frame format. Contrasts between round and angular forms add excitement and fun to the styling. Whether it is combined with a short overall in a matching color or simply jeans and a t-shirt - the AIGNER Fiorentina Bag’s vividness alone guarantees that it will turn every outfit into an eye-catcher. I often realize: if the bag is a perfect match for me, it is a match for everything! Recently, I already wore it in green, do you remember? Find your inspiration HERE.

Yours, Kate