You will have to excuse me, but I have discovered a new favorite series in the AIGNER WUNDERKAMMER Fall/Winter 2018 product line – the Lara Bag. 
After the embroidered, picturesque version I already presented to you a few weeks ago, I now have no other choice but to show you the model with the prominent ocelot head. 

Here, creative director Christian Alexander Beck takes up one of the central motives of the season and captivates my already enamored fashion-loving heart with my current favorite colors, so that the black bag in the camera bag format cannot but become one with my look in a rich brown tone. To this end, I chose a sturdy strap with opulent tassels, which stands out particularly well against the small metal frame. On the other hand, this autumn, you would also be well-advised to use the short strap that is provided with the bag, because the Pochette look is currently more fashionable than ever.  

Do you like the look? Here you can take a look at the Lara Bag.

Yours, Kate