Pure elegance - the new Lexi Bag


Berlin Fashion Week. That special feeling is lying in the air again. Fashion is never so much fun as during this time! Even though I think carefully about which styles I will be wearing when, for which shows and which event beforehand, things always turn out differently than you meticulously planned them. Which fashionista does not know what I am talking about? I love letting my personal mood guide me intuitively.   

Today, I felt more inclined to be elegant with a few trimmings. Therefore, I spontaneously decided to wear my pencil skirt, which hides my pregnancy belly at least from the front, the Victorian blouse with contrast stitches and the new AIGNER bag which deserves more than just a passing mention.   

The Lexi model is another jewel from the current Fall/Winter 2017 Collection which makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. Its clean form combined with the puristic, shining gold metal handles and the burgundy red color, reminding me of previous AIGNER bags, just make me swoon. The bag's simple elegance means it is the perfect, classic companion during summer as well as during winter, and a reliable constant when one spontaneously decides to completely change her outfit.   Do you like it? Then come visit the online-shop. Aside from burgundy, it is also available in black and olive and in three different sizes in total.

Yours truly, Kate