The perfect combination - The Lucy Bag and the studded strap  

At the moment, I prefer wearing casual clothes like jeans and a t-shirt and adding special highlights with accessories. It all comes down to the small subtleties which make every outfit special. Okay, I admit, this look does have a few conspicuous features like the pink quilted jacket and extravagant velvet slippers. But my favorite piece is still the bag!    

You probably already know it - AIGNER's Lucy Bag. In the current Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, this model was also reinterpreted in many new seasonal colors. From brick red to black, deep blue and concrete gray - once again, the current color scheme leaves nothing to be desired. Today, I chose the color deep blue and gave the bag the final touch with the cool studded strap in alabaster rose. For if you think the Lucy Bag's golden shoulder chain is exclusively designed for wearing the bag on your shoulder, you could not be more wrong. In my opinion, you can also let it casually fall over the front of the bag while the strap does the real work. And I have to say: I love this combination. The strap provides the necessary elegance for the bag, even though in itself, it is rather rock'n'roll - don't you agree? All in all, it is a combination wonder and spices up even the simplest bag.  Yes, jeans and t-shirt were the early stage. But ultimately, this combination only constitutes the basis for a truly individual look.   

Have a nice day! Yours truly, Kate