Logomania is probably the most sought-after fashion trend at the moment, it is all everyone can talk about or wear. 

AIGNER also loves it and skillfully translated the retro logo lettering onto the Gloria Bag, which was released for the first time in the current #DADASS19 Collection. The Gloria is not only new - no, it is young, sporty and still incredibly elegant. It complements every look wonderfully and puts you in a good frame of mind when choosing your outfit. The quality of the exquisitely embossed leather bag is mind-blowing. So it is no wonder that we want to proudly show our loyalty to this label!

Today, I am taking up its gold elements and wearing it with a light natural look. Burgundy is a shade which AIGNER embodies like no other color, but that is also wearable all year long. You can also choose between the Gloria Bag in gray and in black. And talking of choices - if the Gloria Bag is not enough for you as a declaration of love, you can pick the matching strap or these sneakers.

Be Dada? It’s only logo-ical!

Yours, Kate