New York, London, Milan, Paris. The fashion circus has begun again. Except for the Fashion Week in Berlin, for me, this season was all about my baby instead of the runway. Both include stress and sleepless nights and in spite of being abstinent from Fashion Week, I am looking forward to the upcoming AIGNER Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Show in Milan, as excitedly as if I was there myself. I cannot help but picture it in my mind. What would I wear for the show this Friday at 7pm? 

Mentally, I chose my current favorite jeans with probably the wildest ankle boots of the year, a relaxed silk blouse in combination with probably the coolest bag of the autumnal season – the Lola Bag. It already is my newest constant companion, since it adapts itself perfectly to the entire 24 hours of my life. I merely regularly replace its strap with one of AIGNER's many fashion straps. For Milan, I mentally chose the black studded strap.

If you like the velvet version of the Lola Bag just as much, you should absolutely take a look at these exquisite little bags in black and burgundy. In combination with the straps, there are many diverse styling possibilities. Enough for all the Fashion Shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris and likewise for all of us who stayed at home, as the Lola Bag has also proven its great worth for everyday life. And so, while I yearn for the fashion, art and gelato metropolis Milan and the clacking of Italian pumps on warm asphalt, I also know that I can always find the newest material on AIGNER's Instagram account.

See you next year, AIGNER – I will definitely be in Milan again in February 2019!

Yours, Kate