It is here, the long-awaited summer, and with it comes the new Saida Bag by AIGNER. As if that weren't cool enough, it also has a casual oversized tassel and a big metal hook! Finally, I have enough space to not have to leave anything behind. And the best thing is, I have my hands free for all the important things of summer! Hello, ice cream!  

And I am "only" wearing the middlesized Saida model in size M today. Aside from my model, the cool Hobo bag is also available in the L version and a cute mini version. Even though they all have the form of a pouch, because of their volume capacity, they all have different effects. Aside from the phenomenal gray, to which I have already lost my heart, the Saida Bag is also available in an exciting brick red, a captivating shade of taupe and classic black. You should definitely look it up in the online-shop, or directly on location, live and in color, in one of the AIGNER shops!  

I, for one, will not be handing over my new home-to-go that easily! Stay cool!

Yours truly, Kate