Change of Seasons: Welcoming autumn with the Valeria Bag and the Ava Boots

Every year, the beginning of autumn prompts me to look back over the past months and enjoy the few remaining months of the year even more deliberately. This year, the season change from summer to autumn is a very special one for me and my family, since we moved to a new house in the countryside. Here, one becomes considerably more aware of the change of seasons than in the city. The morning autumn mists drifting over the fields, nature's full blaze of color in its colorful leaves. The color scale ranges from bright yellow to deep red, which reminds me of the typical AIGNER burgundy. Everything around me seems to have cloaked itself in the trend color of the season. 

Maybe this is why I am currently reaching for the Valeria Bag more and more. Its striking design language, the graphical black partitions, the smooth leather and of course its warm shade of burgundy perfectly match my living situation. I am wearing it without the long shoulder strap which comes with the bag and love combining it with the Ava Boots in burgundy. AIGNER shoes have the advantage of not having to be broken in. From the moment you put them on, they fit like a glove. The butter-soft Italian leather fulfills all the expectations and the decorative chain on the heel continues to enrapture my fashion-loving heart.  

To a colorful autumn, my dear fashionistas!

Yours, Kate