One for every occasion – The Zoe Bag

Normally, I am not the type to dress practically. In spite of the kids, the garden and the dog, you will find next to no functional clothing in my wardrobe. Nevertheless, there are a few fashion hacks I would never be able to give up. For example, dungarees and big shoppers. They are easy to combine, they offer a lot of space and complement every look.

Today, I want to present a particularly pretty and most of all big shopper to you, which already caught my eye at the beginning of the current WUNDERKAMMER Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. According to the old rule of 'saving the best for last', I set this jewel aside for you until now.

You probably know the Zoe line from past collections and you will also have encountered the AIGNER logo print here and there. But if you take a closer look, you will discover a new and in my opinion beautiful seasonal detail on the bag: A gold foil print inspired by Moroccan patterns, lending the bag an exciting, luxurious element and immediately instilling a feeling of Arabian Nights. The handles and small details on the bag are made of cowhide, while the shopper's material offers many positive qualities thanks to its special craftsmanship. For instance, the surface is scratch-resistant, waterproof and generally very easy to clean. Well, now you have caught me, I actually love practical things. Especially when they are as beautiful as this shopper! The extra pouch that comes with the shopper is perfect for storing small utensils and valuables. I sometimes use it as an evening bag as well or convert it into a belt bag. And that is not all. As another highlight, I added one of three cool seasonal pendants to the Zoe shopper. The three versions each present one of the central patterns of the season: The wild, exciting ocelot, the elegant stripe design as well as the Moroccan Medina pattern.

As you can see, you can create an exciting, practical look in the twinkling of an eye, with a lot of room for great deeds!  

Yours, Kate