In the year of AIGNER's 50th anniversary, designer Christian Beck found his inspiration for the Autumn & Winter Collection 15/16 in the origins of the company's founder, Etienne Aigner. The result is a beautiful handbag and fashion collection inspired by Etienne Aigner's home country of Hungary.

Having already presented a few of the current handbag models during the last weeks, I now want to show you another fashion piece which, as of now, is available not only in selected AIGNER shops, but right here in the online-shop as well.  

The light blouse shows the GENESIS pattern which is characteristic of the collection and reminiscent of the colorful traditional clothes, embroideries, patterns and representative colors of Hungary. It currently never ceases to inspire me for different looks - for example in combination with the Ivy Bag in Poppy Red! With its high-necked, smocked collar and the broad cuffs at the wrists, the blouse's design proves a sophisticated attention to detail, but we also fall in love with its material, the pure silk which is semi-transparent at the arms and softly caresses our skin. I would ask you to give a round of applause and standing ovations for this successful fashion statement by AIGNER!

Yours truly, Kate