The new year is truly beginning quite brilliantly for us! 
AIGNER’s new Spring/Summer 2020 Collection represents classic beauty and modern elegance, paired with restrained opulence. When contemplating the new Dea Bag, it becomes clear that AIGNER have lived up to their promises.

In 2020, we will see an entirely new femininity of the brand. It is a harmonious symphony of muted colors which never go out of style. Especially in the new year, we want to deliberately leave everything that is dark and old behind us and look ahead brightly, with a sharp mind and fresh colors. In any case, this is what “Antique White” is promising us, the new shade of the collection and one of the trend colors for 2020. 

I immediately fell in love with the padded look of the Dea bag and promptly had 1001 ideas for styling it. I am remaining faithful to its look and emphasizing its wonderful radiance with mine. Its elegant chain shoulder strap underlines the synergy between lightness and elegance, don’t you agree? The original vintage flap closure is fun and delights my fashionista’s heart every time I open or close it. Speaking of opening: the bag’s interior is covered in suede and a delight to touch once you reach inside. Could the new year start any better?

Yours, Kate