We have known since last summer that beige should not be underestimated. That is no surprise, neutral tones are considered to be fashion’s peaceful haven - no other color, no pattern can throw them off course. So the beige trend is entering the second round and I am loving it more than ever! Whether New York, Milan, London or now Paris  – calm nuances like beige and camel were seen on all the runways. 

AIGNER has also skillfully integrated the earthy palette  – the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection has an even stronger focus on classic beauty and modern elegance paired with a hint of subtlety. The brand’s heritage and roots are highlighted perfectly. Yes, one can truly say that AIGNER is resplendent in its new femininity thanks to the harmonious symphony of muted colors and elegant materials. 

How will I personally combine beige this summer?

Preferably like here in Paris, styled from head to toe, this is how beige has a particularly classy effect. But I also like it in combination with white and black or in an especially trendy mix with pink, yellow or purple. You should absolutely give it a try!

The Diadora Bag in S is also available in dusk blue and black  – but that would be a different trend analysis.

Yours, Kate