When the first tulips are timidly emerging from the ground, when birds are starting to sing their heart out with their prettiest tunes, when the sun is kissing our pale nose and our passion for something new is stirring up an insatiable desire – then it is springtime and Easter is just around the corner. 

According to country lore, you are supposed to shake your wallet three times when you hear the cuckoo call out for the first time in spring - your money will then multiply.  Whether this is true or not, - at the moment, we simply find joy in taking such pleasant wisdoms to heart. And since we are supposed to shake our wallet, it should be a particularly attractive one, right? That is why I have compiled a list of the coolest AIGNER purses for you. So the Easter bunny will maybe know what to buy. Because a wallet as a small gesture which gives us pleasure and courage would surely be nice, don’t you agree? 

For example, what do you think of the Vicenza series? It is represented by the model with the lovely tortoiseshell look and combines modernity with tradition. The series’ bags also wear the trendy tortoiseshell look on their chain shoulder strap. The leather wallet can be opened with a practical push button and immediately seduced me with its exquisite interior. 

You already know the Genoveva series, of course, its logo quilting has simply blown me away. It offers an especially classy look in beige. And if I tell you now that it has 13 credit card slots, the butterflies in your stomach will probably dance with joy. The purse offers a hip mix of the shiny croco embossment on the front of the leather flap and a faithful lizard embossing and was redesigned for the new season’s Genoveva line. An elegant treat.

No matter which one takes your fancy, give the Easter bunny a hint and do not forget to shake it vigorously when you hear the cuckoo call out for the first time!

Wishing you all the best,