It is a harmonious symphony of muted colors which never go out of style. Welcome AIGNER’s new Grazia Bag with me, which I found so enchanting that without further ado, it was allowed to accompany me to the Berlin Fashion Week last week.  The brand’s new femininity was so well received that within a very short time, I attracted the attention of a dozen photographers with my outfit in matching shades of cream and the Bebelplatz in front of the Berlin State Opera became the setting for modernity and classicism, which the Grazia Bag reflects as well. 

The Grazia Bag was deeply inspired by the equestrian sports and AIGNER’s history. This shows itself particularly in the mix of the well-known logo look in the color Fango and the variation of the so-called grained leather flaps, which are available in different colors from Black to Antique white and Burgundy. The decorative horses’ heads on both sides of the gusset were developed by AIGNER themselves and hold the classy chain shoulder straps. A very pretty eye-catcher, in my opinion.

The light gold lock follows a more minimalistic and practical philosophy. But something else also attracted attention: I spontaneously turned the cool strap with the gold AIGNER letters into a belt and thus gave my outfit a special center. 

If I have learned anything from AIGNER, it is being true to oneself, but still reinventing oneself time and again.

Which Grazia Bag do you prefer? Choose from three strong color combinations.

Yours, Kate