This little it-bag is currently hitting it big, even though we all are working from home. The Mina also looks great when you are just walking your dog or getting groceries and brings a big smile to our faces. With the Mina, there is a fixed, secure place for smartphones and keys and our hands are free. 

You already know the Mina series from AIGNER’s limited Capsule Collection. However, it was sold out so quickly that I am now extremely thankful for this collection. It is my small ray of hope in difficult times when I am trying to keep living in style. For one, I am fascinated by the two-tone color scheme of gold and silver. It lends the bag a touch of glamor and extravagance. On the other hand, with its novel vertical format, it appears pretty sporty and innovative. A terrific twist for the new Spring/Summer 2020 Collection.

If you prefer a more modest style, simply choose the gray version, which is no less stylish. The shiny handle is one of the highlights of this well-designed shoulder bag. An additional shoulder strap in the form of a gleaming chain makes it possible to wear the handbag over your shoulders. 

Who knows, maybe the Easter Bunny has a good nose and a little room left in its basket...

Stay safe,  Kate