Which bag could better convey the brand’s heritage than AIGNER’s Cybill bag? None, exactly! It is perfectly suited for the job and has also earned it. Over the years, just like AIGNER, it has stayed true to its roots – and has always appreciated and honored love for craftsmanship, tradition and quality. It has reinvented itself every season, was launched as an it-bag, celebrated, loved, and yes, carried everywhere by me like no other model. 

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the luxury brand, the Cybill Bag is coming out in 55 limited models. “One of One” stands for this incredible formula for success. That means that every model will only be available JUST ONCE. Basically inconceivable, right? Being able to possess one of THESE bags, almost a piece of history which will surely make history. If I can give you some advice as an investment advisor: SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY!!! This bag will last for eternity and represents an extremely good investment. 

Let us talk about the design: the 55 beauties have eloquent names like Ferro, Honeycomb, Scala or Cavallo - as mentioned, each one is a statement, one of a kind, and every bag was handmade in Florence, Italy by AIGNER’s manufacture. Their unique looks seduce us with high quality materials, sophisticated embroideries and appliqués and the finest craftsmanship. What can I say - pure luxury with traditional manufacturing. The color palette? It comprises natural shades like Mud Green, Hazelnut Brown or Cashmere Beige, but also flashier tones like Flower Pink. The special feature: on the back of each bag, there is a golden limited edition badge. 

You can already buy the first four bags by emailing [email protected] or calling +49 (0) 89-76993-322.

See you soon Kate