Kate, can you recommend a really cool black AIGNER bag? 
That is a question I am asked very often. This spring, my answer clearly has to be: the Sella Bag. Why? Let us take a closer look at it.  

Its soft draping, the striking handles with the massive carabiners as well as the patch pockets make for a functional and at the same time, feminine character. It also offers a generous amount of space without looking too chunky. Thus, it is the perfect business bag for the office as well as a cool companion for our everyday routine. An all-rounder. And that is what we women actually want, isn't it? A bag that can easily be adapted to every situation in life. One that is simply always suitable.   

In order to add a certain coolness factor, you can combine it with the AIGNER logo strap. And if you still want more, you can wear the casual and incredibly comfortable logo sandals which I personally will not be taking off any time soon this spring.   

Any further questions? Ah, aside from Black, the Sella Bag is also available in Walnut Brown and Khaki, by the way.  

Yours, Kate