My longing for Nature has never been so great. It grounds and strengthens us and teaches us optimism. Maybe that is why I am currently so in love with the color green. Do you feel the same?

I recently read that our yearning for distant places can easily be satisfied by gazing off into the distance and lingering on the horizon for a bit. Our thoughts immediately turn into fantasies, creating moments of happiness that let us draw new strength. My view of the Port of Hamburg today lets me dream of a whole wide world on one hand, and on the other hand, I know that my future is still firmly in my hands. And this future is, for all intents and purposes, green: We reflect more on sustainability, we pay attention to conscious consumption and take more pleasure in the small things of everyday life.

Aside from green, the color brown will also accompany us in all of its facets during the summer. The small Selma shoulder bag has a particularly beautiful nuance. Puristic, strong and clear-cut, the entire Selma series appeals to me strongly. So much so that I can hardly decide between the models. Which Selma model would you enjoy the most?

My advice: Go all out and have the color of your bag appear a second time in your outfit or even go for a complete single-color look. The bag sets the tone and you can dance along!

Yours, Kate