When constants go away and it seems as if the world is reinventing itself, it is nice to see that there are things we can depend upon. Like for example AIGNER’s Cybill Bag. A classic beauty that has always stayed true to itself in spite of external transformations. You know, sometimes we need a small reminder that the sun always comes out after the rain.

For example, a few days ago, I was out and about with AIGNER’s new Cybill Bag in the color Bellflower Blue. The sky clouded over, the wind made my hair dance and my soul was longing for sunshine. I held onto it very tightly, to my blue Cybill, which stylishly conveyed to me that it was more than an ordinary handbag. It offered the color of hope and enough room to carry all my desires and dreams, and so I noticed that I could no longer suppress the smile on my lips. These rainy days are not that bad after all.

Somehow, they are liberating. The Cybill Bag Fiorellina from AIGNER’s new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection entitled “Mother Nature” will probably become another romantic object of our desire. With its floral print of meadow flowers, it creates special moments from memories and awakens a desire for nature.

So, if you want to free yourself from gloomy thoughts and are looking for a reliable companion for the future, you should hold onto the Cybill Bag. At least, that is what I am doing, plus going out and enjoying nature as often as I can, to see whether the grass does grow faster when you pull on it.

Thank you, “Mother Nature”.

Yours, Kate