Moving with the times and nevertheless remaining true to one's roots is an art not everyone has mastered. However, with the "Verona" watch for AIGNER's 50th anniversary, the company proves that this can indeed succeed marvelously!

AIGNER's characteristic A in gold-plated stainless steel and its unmistakable tone of red, in combination with a currently very popular crocodile embossment in exquisite calfskin, symbolize this successful balancing act. The pearly clock-face and the four diamonds wrought into it make it a special must-have piece. Now, I never want to take off the watch and am instead trying to match every one of my looks to it.

At the moment, I love to combine the watch with the "Ivy Evening Bag" from the current Autumn & Winter Collection, which provides the necessary contrast to the candy red tone of the watch with its Volcano color. I will definitely be wearing this combo a lot this fall. It's a very efficient remedy for gray days and bad moods!

Yours truly, Kate