It has already become a classic, and I cannot imagine the AIGNER Collection without it – the Ivy Bag. The small version wins us over with its simple and always fashionable baguette design. I am incredibly pleased with the new color Cashmere Beige, which not only flatters my complexion so much, but also my summer as well as my winter wardrobe.

Instead of the link chain it already comes with, I am currently wearing a matching AIGNER strap, which by the way, you can personalize HERE according to your own wishes. A super cool eye-catcher which compliments every outfit. Don't you agree? Even if we are still in midsummer, at the moment, I love each and every shade of brown, because they perfectly convey the warmth of the Bohemian Chic AIGNER features in the new Fall/Winter 2020 Collection “Romantic Abundance”.

The lovely Ivy Bag is also available in Blue, Mud Green, Java Brown and Black. Additionally, in black, you can also get it with silver instead of gold metal parts.

You can look forward to a brief journey through time, back to the wild but also elegant seventies.

Yours, Kate