The time when backpacks were only seen as practical companions is long gone. They have become indispensable, especially for mothers, and I often prefer shouldering my cool backpack instead of some unwieldy bag. Thanks to many cool models, the wearer and his or her environment can enjoy an extensive selection. With their cool backpacks, AIGNER manage to spark my love for backpacks and my passion for collecting anew each season. With studs or with iridescent foil - AIGNER's Creative Director Christian Beck reinvents the backpack time and again. In the upcoming Fall & Winter Collection 16/17, 60 beautiful Swarovski crystals turn the backpack into the ultimate eye catcher on every wearer's back! Aside from the typical "A" - every AIGNER backpack's trademark - the black or the burgundy model will come with these glittering stones next season.  

Today, I chose a casual style for my new treasure, but I absolutely have to combine it with an elegant dress as well. And why not? This backpack truly is a more than extravagant alternative to a simple handbag and embellishes every back!

Yours truly, Kate