There are days when it is 95 degrees in the shade, but I dream of trench coats, muted colors and an autumn wind. Do you know the feeling? The summer is hardly here, accompanied by the new Fall/Winter collections, and I am already yearning for winter, at least in terms of fashion. 

Even though the German summer is being so kind to us right now. It hasn't left us out in the rain yet and manages to let every summer dress, even though it may have been hung aside a long time ago, almost outshine the sun. But I am digressing. I actually wanted to tell you about the new Alia Bag which captures the subject WUNDERKAMMER in a nutshell, as wonderfully well as no other bag from the current AIGNER Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. How did I get to talking about winter and trench coats? Well, it looks ravishing with everything! 

Its handle reminds me of a horse's mane and references AIGNER's history in the equestrian sports. The charming proportioning of several departments brings to mind an accordion from past centuries and at the same time, offers enough space for every tidy-minded fashionista. In terms of color, it flaunts the seasonal striped print in burgundy/blue.  In this combination, it is my ultimate secret weapon against the autumn blues. Because they will also come, of course. And when they do, you absolutely need to remind me of hot summer days such as this one.

Yours, Kate