Opposites attract! This is why today, I am combining the minimalistic AIGNER Amy Bag in a classy STONE GREY with an opulent layering look. No other bag from the current AIGNERLOVE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection would have been as suitable, don't you think?

Ever since I have kids, the bags I prefer wearing day in and day out have gotten consistently smaller. Since I already carry a big bag for the kids anyway. In order not to have to search extensively for my daily essentials, I have my own small universe – aka my AIGNER bag – which is a lollipop- and pacifier-free zone. 

The Amy Bag's gold zippers and its box form lend it an extra dose of elegance without being obtrusive, so that it truly is the ideal 24/7 companion. After I already recommended the Amy Bag with the studded sides in the loud shade of CANDY PINK for the kickoff of the #AIGNERLOVE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, I simply could not deprive you of its discreet little sister. And of course, I also have to mention its price: 299 €!  

Love, Yours truly, Kate