Trapeze artist – the Bella Bag

A fresh breeze, plenty of sun and a beach stretching up to the horizon. My dear fashionistas, many greetings from the North Sea island of Sylt. In order to get away from our hectic everyday life for a few days, we decided to go to North Frisia on the spur of the moment. We did not have to travel long from Hamburg, but after a short period of time, we already felt like we were living in a completely different world. The light that surrounds you, the color of the dunes, the taste of salt on your lips and the wind in your hair offer sheer recuperation for your soul.

I am taking advantage of these days to take out my new Bella Bag  from AIGNER's Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. The new, slightly smaller version of its big sister is the perfect companion during this short holiday. Everything we loved about the big one is present in the small one – in this case, two inner compartments with a gusset facing backwards in the style of a concertina, which offer a lot of space and provide the big volume effect despite the smaller space, as well as a lateral flap giving the bag its striking trapezoidal shape. If you, like me, appreciate the twist of sportiness and elegance, you will love the bicolor shoulder strap.

An additional eye catcher for an already very sophisticated bag. Don't you agree? Aside from the new shade of olive, the Bella Bag will also be available in black and cashmere beige. All tones perfectly harmonize with the upcoming fall and winter colors. And if you are now asking yourself what the Bella Bag may be carrying - yes, that is a charming micro pendant, which is present for the first time in the new RESET Collection.

I also like wearing it on my belt or on my wrist. It is available separately in many new seasonal colors as well. You can be certain that this new micro pendant will give an extra twist to every look. 

Relaxed and sunny greetings!
Yours truly, Kate