My dear fashionistas, the new year is a fresh start – blue is the new black, even if the weather forecast still has other ideas for us. 
Pantone did not choose "Lapis Blue", "Niagara" and "Island Paradise" as the new trend colors 2017 without reason – they embody reliability, trust and a certain ease, they are meditative and enduring, timeless and versatile in their uses for our wardrobe. A blue bag can do at least as much as a black one. If you still want to be on the safe side, AIGNER's new Bella Bag will also be available in powder pink and black, of course, from this spring on. However, everyone who has held a Bella Bag in his or her hand, will not want to let go, regardless of its color. What's so special about the Bella Bag is its interior – three compartments with a wedge set at an angle in the style of a concertina, which offer a lot of space and provide for the big volume effect. If the bag is full to bursting, the flap folds backwards and the bag can stay open. For women like me, whose luggage tends to quadruple over the course of one day, this is a godsend! I simply had to wrap myself in blue all over for my first outing with the Bella Bag. I absolutely wanted to create a look reminiscent of a vacation and suggestive of calm which makes you want to wear fresh colors. You can decide for yourself if I managed to achieve that. At least it effected a big change for me: I fell hopelessly in love with the beautiful Bella Bag!

Yours truly, Kate