Dear fashionistas, over the last months, we were able to immerse ourselves in probably one of the most exciting artistic periods of the last centuries: Dadaism.  

With their Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, AIGNER presented a rebellion against the ordinary, took a big step out of the framework of expectations with DADA and still managed to maintain the unmistakable classic style in a sophisticated way. After all, everybody can pull off mainstream.

So before we can take a peak at AIGNER’s new Fall/Winter Collection, I have summarized my personal BEST-OF-DADA for you here:

The Kira Bag

When I got to see AIGNER’s new DADA Spring/Summer 2019 Collection for the first time, the one bag I could not let go and wanted to take home immediately was the Kira Bag. Young, fresh, cool and still classically elegant. This is all true for the Saddle bag version of the series, which was able to blossom from a cool classic into a true icon. It is one of my absolute favorite bags from the current Spring/Summer 2019 Collection because of the series’ trademark, the clasp covered with leather. I was able to wear it in nougat and red. Which color do you prefer?

The Fiorentina Bag

I was able to show you a combination of not one, but two versions of this cool Fiorentina Bag, a vintage line. I am particularly smitten with the shade ‘Sage Green’. The ultimate color of summer, right? My definitive highlight from this wonderful line however is the Fiorentina Belt Bag. Not only are its interior compartments eminently practical, you can also simply fasten it around your hips. Thus, you have your hands free for a second Fiorentina Bag. Moreover, I wore the small version in nude - equally fabulous with the gold elements, isn’t it?

The Belt Bag

Speaking of belt bags - for the kickoff to the Berlin Fashion Week at the beginning of the year I wore the Belt Bag, available in white this season, with a white must-have logo sweater and all-day sneakers. Unsurprisingly - also in white. This year’s trend color. Mega cool, right? If you’re going to wear a belt bag, it should be an AIGNER!

The Roma Bag

The last time I wore a Bowling Bag must have been more than 15 years ago. Yes, the nineties back and they are unstoppable. Hard on their heels: bomber jackets, plateau sneakers, Mom jeans and Bowling Bags. Today, I also rank AIGNER’s Roma Bag among the latter, even though it has evolved into a true classic, because it has been a constant element over several seasons. Nevertheless - isn’t it just the coolest and doesn’t it match the nineties trend perfectly? I especially love it in combination with the studded strap in white, available separately!

The Alessia Bag

I really love the new interpretation of the retro bag Alessia. Thanks to the Italian craftsmanship, it has turned into a truly trendy and fashionable version. A fashion must-have for every bag collection. I was also eager to include the Alessia Bag in my collection of AIGNER bags and have spent many precious moments with it. It was the first mild evening in a long time. We were in Milan for the AIGNER fashion show, people were dancing and laughing in the streets. I was wearing my new open-toed AIGNER sandals from the current DaDa Spring/Summer Collection and the matching Alessia Bag. It felt really good. This bag has inspired so many of my summer looks!

The Alia Bag

Who says creases and lines make us look old? The Alia Bag’s creases and folds act like a styling booster upon our wardrobe. Their effect should not be underestimated. Incidentally, the Alia Bag’s timeless design not only impresses us with a structured handle in the form of a horse’s mane on the upper edge, inspired by AIGNER’s longstanding history in the equestrian sports. The accordion look also offers the necessary space for all manner of useful things thanks to the many folds and compartments. No more endless searching in the depths of our handbags. Creases yes, but not on our forehead!

The Genoveva Bag

My favorite bag, since countless collections. The Genoveva Bag. The fact that it is also available in yellow this summer speaks in favor of the series, does it not? Its hallmark - the gold handle. It harmonizes with the buttery-soft leather like never before. I love it!  You can find five reasons for wearing a yellow bag HERE.

The Ivy Bag

I think this was the smallest bag I wore this season. But it has made its mark. The fact that AIGNER is relying on individuality for the current #DADASS19 Collection is linked to Dadaism. At the time, everyone wanted to be different and therefore original. A strong statement, which we can now also make with the personalized straps. The small white Ivy Baguette is a perfect match for the AIGNER strap. At the moment, its Baguette form is probably one of the most popular bag styles and flatters every look. With its clean length and in white, it is easy to combine. My it-piece for the summer, if you ask me.

The Ruby Bag

Are you always looking for that certain something? Do you like making a big entrance and setting new standards for trends? Then I am telling you, you will love this bag. It is everything and so much more. The Ruby Bag Frangia from the current #DADASS19 Collection, which always brings a smile to my face and has long since received the nickname “Piano Bag”, combines a striking shade of “signal red” with white fringes and the AIGNER screws. The rectangular format in black top grain leather with two large inner compartments offers a lot of space for all sorts of valuables and everyday essentials.

The Gloria Bag

Logomania is probably the most sought-after fashion trend at the moment, it is all everyone can talk about or wear. AIGNER also loves it and skillfully translated the retro logo lettering onto the Gloria Bag, which was released for the first time in the current #DADASS19 Collection. The Gloria is not only new - no, it is young, sporty and still incredibly elegant. It complements every look wonderfully and puts you in a good frame of mind when choosing your outfit. The quality of the exquisitely embossed leather bag is mind-blowing. So it is no wonder that we want to proudly show our loyalty to this label!

The Greta Bag

At the moment, there is probably no influencer who is not swearing by white bags. And today, I want to tell you the reason for that! At the forefront of these it-bags: the Greta Bag from AIGNER’s current #DADASS19 Collection. Aside from the white belt bag, it is one of my favorites! This trapezoidal handbag is not only super good-looking, but also deceptively spacious. As soon as the diagonally converging fasteners on the front are opened, the bag’s compact appearance turns into a completely new, casual look. With the Italian craftsmanship behind the elaborate attachment of the handles, the Greta Bag can be sure of numbering among the new classics.

Titus & Ruby

Double Trouble. Two soulmates. AIGNER’s Titus series is young and urban and was inspired by street style elements. In the Spring/Summer Collection 2019, you can discover three distinct models in total. Gentlemen love the sturdy logo print on their shoulders and the large storage space on their back. We brought it along on every one of our last trips. And you already know the Ruby line, it presents the unconventional central motif of AIGNER’s current DADA Collection in a particularly poignant way. In its model line, it comprises several stylistic directions. Here, you can see the Ruby Contrasto Bag, sporting an absolutely cool and sporty look.

Well, I think there is something for everyone here, don’t you agree? I am excited to see which bag is your favorite! You can post your personal DADA look using the hashtag #DADASS19 and exchange opinions with other fans of the series.

Yours, Kate