A truly brilliant performance - The Cybill Bag Glace    

My dear fashionistas, today it almost seems as if my last wish on a shooting star has become reality - even though I didn't meddle! When I saw AIGNER's Cybill Bag Glace with its Swarovski artwork for the first time, I was instantly smitten. In a delicate shade of nude, with crystals sparkling like small stars in the sunlight, AIGNER's signature bag is a little girl's dream come true - at least it is for me! The graphic arrangement of the stones adds a cool, elegant touch to the Cybill Bag. I can't wait to wear it during the winter with red, brown and grey coats and watch it compete with the glittering snow. But until then, I'll combine her with the modern star prints and striped looks. After all, mixing patterns is one of my brilliant achievements. Which makes us an absolute dream team! So my dear fashionistas, keep watching the sky, because maybe the next shooting star will have a Cybill Bag Glace for you. Those who can't or won't wait for that long can simply visit the online-shop.  


Love, Kate