Cybill´s Country Side / Part 2


Do you remember the small Cybill Bag in the color-blocking style I wore some time ago to the farmer's market? It was the Cybill Bag Linea from AIGNER's current Fall & Winter 16 Collection. I am a big fan of this line and I especially love the color compositions AIGNER has used to echo Nature - Cybill's country side so to speak.
Visiting the Lüneburg Heath, my home, a few days ago with my family, I suddenly felt very down to earth. In harmony with myself and Nature. Because every time the Heath and its never-ending fields and hills display its true magnificence from August to October, we are in the thick of it. Whether we take a carriage ride, a bicycle tour or a walk. One afternoon spent in the violet sea and everyday life, however grey, is illuminated again, our batteries are recharged. The fact that I was also wearing the Cybill Bag Linea was more of a coincidence. It just goes perfectly with my leopard suit. It wasn't until we were looking at the first pictures that we had to laugh when we realized that the countryside's horizontal lines and the Cybill Bag's colorful lines formed a harmonious picture. It's great when you get to carry around the feeling of being down to earth in your handbag, don't you think?

Yours truly, Kate