For your next fall/winter style, you should remember exactly two things: pearls and metallic.

So I am coming straight to the point and presenting both trends to you for the launch of AIGNER’s new Enlightenment Fall/Winter Collection.

Those who believe pearls to be bourgeois and metallic to be a relic from the Eighties should really close their pigeonholes. In this day and age, it is not about pleasing others anymore, it is about wearing something which expresses how you feel.

And the new AIGNER Fall/Winter Collection also calls for individuality and liberating oneself from rigid thought patterns. So why not wear the Cybill Bag Perla with a sporty metallic look today? Maybe tomorrow with skinny jeans and a blouse and on the weekend in a casual look with a flower dress and sneakers. Never before have we had so many possibilities.

The Cybill Bag has always been in a class of its own. Elegant, timeless and the highlight of the collection, just like this season. Because there will be two special versions of the series again, aside from the already established Cybill models. In addition to the ‘Cybil Bag Check’, which picks up on one of the main elements of the collection with its check pattern, the Cybill Bag Perla will make a statement with its pearls embedded in screw studs. By the way, the pearls were all applied individually by hand. The practical shoulder strap was also decorated with the same pearls, which gives the handbag a very elegant appearance overall.

I myself am over the moon and already looking forward to being able to wear & combine it.

Yours, Kate