MFW – My Milan Fashion Show Look with the Alessia Bag

Some things you forget - nice things on a fast-paced weekday which make you smile briefly, but are then replaced by new memories. However, the first lovely spring day of the year often sticks in your memory. A nice conversation, the first ice cream, children laughing. Moments the sun seems to burn into our retinas in connection with this day. 

For me, it was definitely February 22nd this year. It was Fashion Week in Milan and the sun was paying particular attention to the town. We were on our way to the AIGNER Fashion Show in the Museo del Novecento, a museum for 20th century art in the Palazzo dell'Arengario, near the Piazza del Duomo in the center of town. It was the first mild evening in a long time, people were dancing and laughing on the streets, I was wearing my new, open AIGNER sandals from the current DADA Spring/Summer Collection and the matching Alessia Bag.

It felt really good. The light beige tone of the bag and the shoes not only appears timeless and elegant, but can also be worn with simply anything. I am smitten with the new interpretation of the retro bag Alessia: thanks to Italian craftmanship, it has become a truly trendy and contemporary version and should have its place in every collection of handbags.

The precisely manufactured frame closure reminds us of bygone times and brings back warm memories of different eras. By the way, the handle braided with leather is handmade, and as soon as you know that, it feels even softer in your hand. I spent a fantastic evening and was able to admire the wonderful new #Enlightenment collection, of which you will soon see more!

But for now, just enjoy the spring!

Yours, Kate