Elegance meets Coolness – The Lea Bag and the Saskia Ballerina

Do you know the feeling – you're standing in front of your wardrobe in the morning and are looking for something classical, which is still sophisticated enough not to seem boring? In cases like these, I like to choose so-called tea gowns like today's dress.  Since I love mixing styles above all, I am combining the smaller one of the two available models of AIGNER's Lea Bag in deep blue/black with an extra strap and the AIGNER Ballerina in the currently very fashionable sequin look. The Lea Bag is extremely versatile and can be transformed from a voluminous trapezoid version with two handles into a simple, elegant model thanks to the zippers placed on the sides. Its two colors - aside from the combination of deep blue/black, there is also the olive/black version - allow for an endless number of possible combinations and lend the open bag even more depth. However, if you prefer an even more classical look, you can also buy the completely black version of the Lea Bag.   

Yours truly, Kate