Habits – everybody has some very particular routines, right? I have to admit that I have acquired certain behavioral patterns over the years which I believe simplify my everyday life. At least most of the time. For example, I cannot eat from colorful plates, I always wear my watch on the right side, I always have to have something colorful on me and can only go to sleep at night when I have checked off everything on my to-do-list. So why not do things a little differently from time to time? Small surprises in day-to-day life should be like a detox for the soul. This is why I am breaking the mold with today's look: A trench coat as a dress, a box-shaped bag which can be transformed into a trapeze and a handkerchief worn around the head. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? 

The bag in question is the Lea Bag from AIGNER's current Wunderkammer Fall/Winter 2018 Collection. It manages to convince me again this season with its versatility and its incredible storage capacity. In addition, there are the new seasonal colors, including, among others, my model in burgundy from today's look. Also new is the color camel beige. As was already the case in the past fall/winter season, the Lea Bag is available again in two sizes as well as in the color black. Because keeping some habits or tried and true classics is not all bad at the end of the day!

Yours, Kate