After burgundy and olive – The Lexi Bag in black

You know, with the right outfit you can be everything – casual, feminine, interesting or just classic. Fashion should always be fun, show our strengths and not disguise us. And now I will reveal something: there are bags which can keep up with all these looks, they just match everything. AIGNER's Lexi Bag is just such a bag!

It is always my first choice, simple, but still an eyecatcher. It is inspired by earlier models from AIGNER's archives, but keeps its finger on the pulse of time, so that you can almost hear it's fashion heart beating. Even though it is mostly only your own heart. What I want to say: the Lexi Bag is and remains THE it-bag of the season. Or what do you think? After burgundy and olive, I am wearing it in black today. Unexcited, pure and unerring with velvet pants, bomber jacket and my favorite velvet boots by AIGNER.

Since the Lexi models will take a short break during the upcoming Spring & Summer Collection 2018, I advise anyone looking for a striking it-bag to buy one! An insider's tip not only for AIGNER collectors!

Yours truly, Kate