Elegant like a diva, so aloof, so smooth and simply flawless: the Lexi bag. 
Even though we already know it from the last Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, after a short break, it is back now for the new AIGNER Wunderkammer Fall/Winter 2018 Collection in a beautiful, elegant shade: Clay Brown. 

In combination with its golden hanger, which is a handle and an exquisite decorative element at the same time, it is already a small style icon for me, even though the season has hardly begun. You just want to own it, be seen with it and master the new season with it. However, together with the AIGNER logo strap in the new color combination Royal Purple/Orange and the outfit I chose for this occasion, it proves that it can do a lot more than look pretty. Sturdy Moroccan fabrics lend it the contrast it needs and emphasize the idea of "mix and match" of the new collection.
We can be everything, amidst AIGNER's new Wunderkammer. With the Lexi bag, at least all styling doors are wide open to us. This is why it is my absolute insider tip and definitely one of the most important bags for the upcoming fall. The Lexi bag will also be available in the following colors: burgundy and black.

Yours truly, Kate