The Lucy Bag - Moss is the new Black

There are things you first have to turn inside out like a reversible jacket or break in like high heels in order for them to become one with an outfit. AIGNER's Lucy Bag is very different! It fits instantly - especially with this outfit. This is also true for its color. I first thought that moss green would be difficult to combine, but it just harmonizes perfectly. This shade of green even offers more possible combinations than some shades of black. Moss is rarely too severe and never too garish. It goes with every earthy tone as well as with pink. White makes a mossy shade of green look elegant and yellow makes it seem familiar.  


So have I discovered a true chameleon with this moss green Lucy Bag? For me personally, definitely! You should simply try it yourselves. Just visit an AIGNER shop in your proximity. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with the changeable Lucy Bag in moss green, like I did.   Love, Kate