Reading to me is very soothing. Whenever I leave the house, there is a book in my handbag. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller - depending on the size of the bag. It is the only way I can escape into a different world every time I want. Letters have therefore always had a special significance for me. For a long time, I only liked my name because there is a strong K at the start of “Kathrin”. I like the sound with the elongated “a”. 

But this is not the point I am trying to make. I am looking for the right transition in order to show you my newest discovery - AIGNER’s personalized straps with letters, numbers and symbols, which bring us great pleasure. You can find out HERE which AIGNER shops customize straps.

The fact that AIGNER is relying on individuality for the current #DADASS19 Collection is linked to Dadaism. At the time, everyone wanted to be different and therefore original. A strong statement, which we can now also make with these personalized straps. 

I am wearing mine with the small white Ivy Baguette. Its form is probably one of the most popular bag styles of the hour and available for every look. Its length is straightforward and in white, it is easy to combine. My it-piece for the summer, if you ask me. 

Go do you with AIGNER and #NAMEYOURSTRAP!  

Yours, Kate