This year, we will be looking for our wallets. Not because we have lost them – no, because the wallets from the #DADASS19 Collection are just so pretty we will not be able to resist them. The Easter Bunny is also going to jump for joy – the search is finally over, since there is something for everyone. But let us take a closer look at what is hiding here. From the Genoveva to the Lana and Ivy series. All of our current favorite bags come with a matching wallet.

Have you noticed the cute red heart on the wallet in the envelope format? One of my favorites. Or how about a wallet in sunny yellow? This will definitely never get lost in the depths of our AIGNER handbag.

Whichever the Easter Bunny will choose - it can count on receiving a carrot as a thank you!

By the way, it can find even more wallets HERE.

Ai-Ai-Ai - I am happy and hope you have a lot of fun hiding, searching for and being pleased with your presents.

Yours, Kate