The Olivia Bag & 5 good reasons to wear green now

The first sunbeams have barely reached us and we are already asking ourselves what we should wear. After all, we want to tell the whole world: "Hello, I am ready for spring!"   

My tip: Wear green! After all, nature is doing the same thing! Here are my 5 good reasons to wear the color of spring more often:  

1. We may hear compliments like "You are looking particularly lively today" more often!  

2. In green, we appear pleasant and accommodating. Especially in light green tones, we make an approachable and likeable impression.  

3. Every spring anew, green symbolizes a fresh start. One more reason to invest in a green handbag like AIGNER's Olivia Bag. Trends come and go. But the Olivia Bag will always keep giving you pleasure.  

4. Green stands for reliability and conveys a down-to-earth attitude as well as trustworthiness. Thus, I would trust everything a woman with a green handbag might say!  

5. The Olivia Bag does not come alone. AIGNER also offers a matching logo strap, proving that it can make for a harmonious duo in combination with pink.  

In the face of so many arguments for one of THE must-have colors of the season, I am particularly happy to have found a darling like the Olivia Bag!  

All my leaf, I mean all my love, Kate